Zurn Z806 Flo-Thru

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Zurn Z886The fiberglass Z806 Flo-Thru provides rapid drainage to industrial parks and chemical plants. Z806 channels come in 10’ sections with standard frame assemblies. Each 6” wide (OD) modular channel features a .75 percent uniform slope for faster water flow and less debris buildup.

Faster Installation

Zurn’s Z806 Flo-Thru system locks together with tongue-and-groove mechanics, letting contractors install faster and with more accuracy.  With an integral frame and tie straps every 20 inches, the Z806 grips the surrounding concrete for a longer lasting installation.

Z886 exploded view
Zurn Z806 Cheat Sheet
Channel Length10' (3m)
Channel Width (OD)6"
Channel Width (ID)4"
Outlet Sizes2", 3", 4", 6" (NH)
Available Slope.75%
Max. Flow Rate510 GPM

Zurn Z806 Grates

Z806 features an eclectic selection of grates.  Choose stainless steel or fiberglass in several patterns to enhance the inherent chemical-resistance of the system.  Highlight the system’s endurance with cast or ductile iron grates.

Z806 Grating Details
Width 5.375"
Length 1/2 meter (20"), 1 meter (40")
Height .75"
Considerations Available ADA, H-20, FAA
View Z806 Grating Cut Sheets (5.5mb) view grating cut sheets
Zurn Decorative Grating

For decorative appeal, Z806 Flo-Thru offers bronze, aluminum, cast iron or stainless steel grates in patterns that complement existing aesthetics.

Z806 outlet options
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Pipe Adapters and End Caps

The Z806 fiberglass trench drain can be customized for your needs.  Turn corners or create intersections with fabricated elbows and T-sections.  Extend the length of your run with sidewall extender panels.

Drain fluids from the end of the channel or through a bottom outlet, each available in 2", 3", 4" and 6" diameters.  Protect your pipes from runoff debris with a bottom outlet strainer to fit any outlet size.

Where you'll find Z806:

Breweries · Fire Stations · Industrial Plants

Highways · Food Processing Centers

Gas Stations


Zurn Z806 Drainage system highlightsWhen in need of extra strength, turn to the trench drain’s framing options. Replace the standard steel frame with a type 304 stainless steel assembly or an extra-heavy-duty iron frame that provides more anchoring points.