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Zurn Z812 Flo-Thru

Zurn Z812Zurn’s fiberglass Z812 drainage system is top of the line when it comes to high volume industrial projects.  The 12" wide (OD) fiberglass channels feature a steep 1.04% slope, allowing the system to handle more flow with less debris build-up.  Corrosion-resistant and lightweight, Z812 channels come in 10' modular pieces for quick installation.

The Z812 system includes a heavy-duty steel frame, which distributes load weight from the grates into surrounding concrete.  For caustic applications, stainless steel frames complement the chemical-resistant fiberglass trench drain.

Zurn Z812 Cheat Sheet
Channel Length 10 feet (3 meters)
Channel Width (OD) 12"
Channel Width (ID) 9.25"
Outlet Sizes 4", 6", 8"
Available Slope 1.04%
Max. Flow Rate 3283 GPM

Rebar clip assemblies provide an easy way to secure and level the fiberglass channel prior to concrete pour.

Z812 exploded view

Grates fitting the Z812 are designed to enhance the system's industrial capabilities.  At 11.25" wide, Z812 grates handle light duty to extra heavy-duty traffic loads.  With more than 15 grate choices, special considerations such as ADA, H-20 or FAA are a non-issue.

Z812 Grating Details
Width 11.25"
Length 24"
Height 1.5"
Considerations Available ADA, H-20, FAA

Choose between galvanized or stainless steel, fiberglass or ductile iron options.  With perforated, slotted, solid and transverse styles available, Zurn Z812 will have the best grate for any industrial drainage situation.

Zurn P12-HPD ADA compliant cast iron grateZurn P12-HPD ADA Grate

The Zurn P12-HPD, Heel-proof Longitudinal, Ductile Iron grate, is 11.25 inches wide by 24 inches long, weighing 14 lbs per linear foot. The grate has an open area of 33.7 square inches per linear foot, DIN Rating of B, ANSI Rating of Medium Duty, ADA compliant.

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Z812 outlet options

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