Zurn Z888-6 Slot Drain

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Zurn Z888-6Zurn's Z888-6 Slot Drains are perfect for large scale paver sidewalks and courtyards. With variable slot openings from 1/4" - 3/4" wide, you can adjust open surface area to meet high water flow or to comply with ADA guidelines.

UV-10 Stabilized

Keep your installation simple with UV-10 stabilized channel showing. Match your slot drain to aesthetic or load requirements with a carbon, galvanized or stainless steel frame.

Z888-6 exploded view

Assemble the Z888-6 Slot Drain’s 1 meter channels with ease thanks to a tongue-and-groove interlocking feature.  Smooth interior surfaces with rounded edges prevent silts and other fine particulates from building up within the system, meaning you get more water flow with fewer problems.

Zurn Z888-6 Cheat Sheet
Channel Length1 meter (40")
Channel Height11-3/4"
Surface Width3"
Channel Width (ID)4"
Outlet Sizes2", 3", 4" (NH)
Available Slope0%
Max. Flow Rate~

Why buy Z888-6?

  • Lightweight, easy to install channels
  • Variable slot width
  • Pick a frame for heavier traffic
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