Zurn Hi-Capacity Slot Drains

Zurn Hi-Capacity Drains combine the size of high volume drainage systems with the discreet appearance of slot drains.  The drain's high density polyethylene (HDPE) composition means for a lighter drainage system and an easy installation.

Z888-4 Zurn Z890 stainless steel trench drain

The Zurn Z888-4 Slot Drain is ideal for sporting arenas, running tracks and low traffic areas with pavers.

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Zurn Z888-6 Slot drain

Zurn’s Z888-6 Slot Drains are perfect for large scale paver sidewalks and courtyards.

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Zurn Z888-8 slot drain

Choose the Zurn Z888-8 Slot Drain for plaza and sports stadium drainage.

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Z888-12 · Z888-18 · Z888-36
Zurn Z888-12 slot trench drain

Zurn's larger series of slot drains feature a 1.75" slot opening.  The system's frame options include allowances for both slot drain opening or a grating cover.

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Zurn Z888-18

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Zurn Z888-18 slot trench drain
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