zurn logoZurn Perma-Trench HDPE System

Zurn's line of HDPE Perma-Trench drainage systems is among the most popular product lines on the market.  Each Perma-Trench drainage system is composed of an impact resistant HDPE material.  Perma-Trench channels are lightweight, making drainage systems easy to install.  Because HDPE has a low water absorption rate, Perma-Trench drains are more efficient at carrying water.

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Zurn Z886 Perma-Trench trench drain

At 6.25" wide, Zurn's Z886 trench drain system is the most popular system in the Perma-Trench line.

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Zurn Z880 trench drain

Zurn's 2.5" wide plastic drainage system is a popular choice for sidewalks, patios, courtyards and pools.

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Zurn Z883
Zurn Z883 Perma-trench trench drain

The Zurn Z883 is a shallow Perma-Trench drainage system with a 3.5" trench depth.

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Zurn Z884 light traffic trench drain

The Zurn Z884 4.75" wide system is designed for light traffic drainage systems with depth restrictions and a high water flow rate.

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Zurn Z882 commercial trench drain

Zurn's 12" Z882 plastic drainage system is geared toward heavy duty commercial applications capable of handling high-volume water flow.

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Zurn Z874 high-volume trench drain

With widths between 12"-21" and up to 36" depths, the Z874 drainage system is ideal for high-volume water flow.

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