Zurn Z883 Perma-Trench

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Zurn Z883Z883 Perma-Trench’s low profile HDPE channels make the system ideal for sidewalks and pools.  With 1 meter channels, the 6" wide system conforms to tight spaces found in sidewalks and residential applications.

Shallow Depth

At 3.5" deep, the Z883 is a commercial-grade shallow trench drain.  HDPE channels prevent water absorption, making the drain watertight and durable.  Smooth channel connections allow for a smooth installation.

Z883 exploded view
Zurn Z883 Cheat Sheet
Channel Length1 meters (40")
Channel Width (OD)6"
Channel Width (ID)4"
Outlet Sizes2", 3", 4" (NH)
Available Slope0%

Zurn Z883 Grates

Zurn’s Z883 Series features the same line of trench drain grates as the pre-sloped Z886 Series. Z883 offers a range of grates to beat other low profile commercial drains. The HDPE drainage system fits 5.375" wide grates for pedestrian to airport loads. Special considerations such as FAA and H-20 are met with a supporting frame and proper grating.

View Z883 Grating Cut Sheets (5.5mb) view grating cut sheets
Zurn Decorative Grating

Choose between, bronze, ductile iron, stainless or galvanized steel to get the job done.  With over 25 grates to choose from, Zurn Z883 is sure to have the best option for any depth restricted installation.

Why buy Z883?

  • Radiused bottom prevents solids build-up
  • HDPE is durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Channel designed for 0% water absorption
  • Shallow 3 1/2 inch depth solves depth restriction problems
  • Great for sidewalk and pool area applications
Z883 outlet options
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Outlets & Layouts

Zurn end caps are placed at the Z883 channel's outlet or inlets to close off an open end. Open end caps and bottom outlets provide a piping transition to four sizes of connecting pipe: 2", 3" & 4".

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