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Zurn's Sani-Flo line of stainless steel drainage systems are ideal for corrosive and sterile environments. Because stainless steel channels feature a high chromium content, Sani-Flo drains are able to withstand strong chemicals and sterilizing equipment.

Zurn Z890 stainless steel trench drain

Zurn's Z890 stainless steel trench drain supports a variety of grating capable of supporting heavy traffic.  Each stainless steel channel is pre-sloped to offer efficient drainage.

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Zurn Z895 pre-sloped trench drain

The Z895 is a 12" wide system offering higher flow rates than its 6" wide partner system.  Each stainless channel is pre-sloped, enabling depths up to 18.5".  With a broad selection of grating options and reinforcement options, the Z895 offers load class ratings up to FAA standards.

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Zurn Z891 stainless steel slot drain

Zurn's Z891 series is a 2.75" wide stainless steel slot drain.  Available with neutral and sloped channels, the Z891 system runs up to 16.5" deep.  With a ¾" wide slot, the Z891 stainless drain is ideal for highly corrosive environments and applications requiring an inconspicuous grate.

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