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Zurn Z890 Sani-Flo

Zurn Z806The Z890 Stainless Steel System is the pillar of Zurn’s Sani-Flo product line.  The 7" wide (OD) system offers the adaptability of modular drains with the benefits of stainless steel.

With a 4" interior width, the Z890’s modular channels slope at 1.04% to allow flows up to 639 GPM. Neutral channels extend the drain.

Zurn Z890 Cheat Sheet
Channel Length 5' (60")
Channel Width (OD) 7"
Channel Width (ID)4"
Outlet Sizes2", 3", 4", 6" (NH)
Available Slope 1.04%
Max. Flow Rate 639 GPM
Z890 exploded view

Z890 offers grates to meet a range of applications and load requirements from pedestrian traffic to H-20 rated and FAA loads.  Available in decorative bronze to heavy-duty stainless steel, these 5.375" grates will meet any application requirement.

Z890 Grating Details
Width 5.375"
Length 1/2 meter (20"), 1 meter (40")
Height .75"
Considerations Available ADA, H-20, FAA

Where Z890 is Spec'd:

Z897-12 Catch BasinCatch Basins and Containment

Z897 Sani-Flo catch basins are designed to complement the Z890 Series.  For in-line catch basin drainage, choose the 6" x 20" Z897 basin.  The in-line basin looks like a continuous run but hides a deeper inlet that allows the system to capture and separate more liquids and particulates.

Stainless steel Z897 catch basins also come in 12" x 20" and 24" x 24" options.  Outlet positioning and sizing is determined upon order and custom fabricated to give the best match to your needs.

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